Variety & Easy to Follow

Carrie was a great coach – very easy to talk to. The food plan is easy to follow and I like the variety of the program and the discovery of root causes.

Tammie F

Clear Plan & Best Coach

Coach was amazing! She was the best part of the whole thing. The food plan was clear. Omg, she [Carrie] was the best part. I just cannot say enough! I learned a LOT about myself through her coaching. I grew a ton. She is the reason I got this far in the first place!!!


Motivational & Sustainable

Melissa was fantastic. She was really kind and motivational and I felt like she had some really great ideas. In addition, I think she did a good job not having us go from 0 to 100 and helped us make small, foundational changes that were sustainable. I thought the format (one group session/individual sessions) was really helpful too – the group sessions were a bit more motivational, whereas the individual sessions let you really delve into questions and reflect on what you could personally do. The Facebook group was also a real bonus – it was really awesome seeing how everyone else was doing and having that peer support as well.

Kate A

Supportive Cheerleader

Carrie was amazing. She was the nudge I needed to get started with weight loss. She was super supportive and was my cheerleader throughout this journey. The food plan was good and I follow it for the most part. I needed a little more guidance with it because I was eating too many calories. Carrie helped me find a tool to help with this. The program was great and I would highly recommend it. I think the program should definitely include the group meetings and individual meetings.

Jennifer Y

Weekly Calls are the Best!

Carrie was great! Helped me understand many things along the journey – Very supportive and provides good advice and actionable ideas to put in place. I liked the weekly check-in and weekly topics. Every week was a good progression to get to the next step without getting too much information at once. The plan is easy to follow. The weekly calls with Carrie were the best part – Very actionable and allow for a good discussion about what’s going on and how to improve. She is very caring and understanding and provides good advice.

Josee C

Absolutely Recommend!

I absolutely recommend the Bluebird program! Melissa was knowledgeable and full of good ideas. She helped me solve some of the challenges I had. The food plan worked okay for me. I missed a few things but I loved getting in the habit and on a path. I didn’t have much weight to lose and it has been tough getting it off but I lost 5-6 lbs over 8 weeks and I plan to continue eating this way. Melissa was great. She had good ideas and was very knowledgeable.

Judy M