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How It Works

We show you how to focus on foods that are the most satiating. These foods fill you up for longer so that you naturally eat fewer calories without measuring portions or counting calories. These are foods like fresh fruit and vegetables that you can buy at your local supermarket. They are low in calories so you can eat a surprisingly large volume of food and still lose weight.

No foods are completely off limits. However, losing weight does mean changing your diet. Our coaches will advise you which foods to eat more of and which foods to eat less of. They will show you how to shop, cook, and eat and support you on your journey.

Our one-on-one weight loss courses run online, via Zoom video conferencing so you can join from your home. Your health coach will lead the class and will also follow up with you individually each week to help you stay on track with your weight loss journey.


What Is Included?

Initial consult with a personal health coach

Initial Consultation

You will start with an initial phone consultation with a qualified health coach.
Comprehensive healthy eating plan

Comprehensive 8-week plan

Your health coach will introduce Bluebird’s plan and help you customize it to work for you. This will include meal planning and shopping guidance.
Group Lessons

Group Lessons

You will join a supportive and friendly group of members on the same weight loss journey, via video conference. This camaraderie will help inspire and support you.

Individual Coach Support

You will have the option to do weekly phone calls with your health coach. She will be in regular contact while you're enrolled to support and motivate you. You will weigh in weekly to help keep you accountable.

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Choose from one-on-one coaching plans from our certified health coaches or our video-only program.

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Clear Plan & Best Coach

Coach was amazing! She was the best part of the whole thing. The food plan was clear. Omg, she [Carrie] was the best part. I just cannot say enough! I learned a LOT about myself through her coaching. I grew a ton. She is the reason I got this far in the first place!!!


Motivational & Sustainable

Melissa was fantastic. She was really kind and motivational and I felt like she had some really great ideas. In addition, I think she did a good job not having us go from 0 to 100 and helped us make small, foundational changes that were sustainable. I thought the format (one group session/individual sessions) was really helpful too – the group sessions were a bit more motivational, whereas the individual sessions let you really delve into questions and reflect on what you could personally do. The Facebook group was also a real bonus – it was really awesome seeing how everyone else was doing and having that peer support as well.

Kate A

Variety & Easy to Follow

Carrie was a great coach – very easy to talk to. The food plan is easy to follow and I like the variety of the program and the discovery of root causes.

Tammie F

Absolutely Recommend!

I absolutely recommend the Bluebird program! Melissa was knowledgeable and full of good ideas. She helped me solve some of the challenges I had. The food plan worked okay for me. I missed a few things but I loved getting in the habit and on a path. I didn’t have much weight to lose and it has been tough getting it off but I lost 5-6 lbs over 8 weeks and I plan to continue eating this way. Melissa was great. She had good ideas and was very knowledgeable.

Judy M

Supportive Cheerleader

Carrie was amazing. She was the nudge I needed to get started with weight loss. She was super supportive and was my cheerleader throughout this journey. The food plan was good and I follow it for the most part. I needed a little more guidance with it because I was eating too many calories. Carrie helped me find a tool to help with this. The program was great and I would highly recommend it. I think the program should definitely include the group meetings and individual meetings.

Jennifer Y

Weekly Calls are the Best!

Carrie was great! Helped me understand many things along the journey – Very supportive and provides good advice and actionable ideas to put in place. I liked the weekly check-in and weekly topics. Every week was a good progression to get to the next step without getting too much information at once. The plan is easy to follow. The weekly calls with Carrie were the best part – Very actionable and allow for a good discussion about what’s going on and how to improve. She is very caring and understanding and provides good advice.

Josee C
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